3 Game Changing Big Data Use Cases in Telecom

Like many industries the Infrastructure/Security/Compliance function within large telecom companies is becoming more data driven. Here are 3 powerful use cases which vividly bring out new possibilities in Telecom big data


Telecom use case-1 : Contact centre text mining and Telecom Bandwidth throttling

How can Surge in Contact centre keyword frequency be used as a lead indicator to infrastructure bottlenecks and be used as an input for throttling network traffic ?

Telecom use case-2 : Collocation Analysis from Cell phone towers


How can we fire 'needle in a haystack' queries to isolate collocation events from the massive call detail records ( CDR) data ocean using Hadoop and columnar architectures ?

Telecom use case-3 : Multi device event stream analysis co-relating Firewall & IDS & Switch activity

How can we get a 360 degree view of an intrusion from the patterns of event data across devices ?

A central event log repository streaming thousands of events per second across firewalls, IDS, routers, switches etc is the need of the hour. Please find a detailed ellaboration of these 3 gaming changing Big data use cases at 


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