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2020 Census : A new dawn for Data Science

The mock border closing for the Civilian Data Army was just the beginning in 2019. The goal to catalog every American in America had been laughed at so much by media it has become cliche. The rebellion has all the makings of a massive movement. The media could not control it. Everyone wants answers. Real complete answers. The people are ready. Fueled by anger and fed up with the secrecy and disrespect of personal data they demand change.

The early years of data science in the 21st century seems like just an exercise in futility compared to 2019. All the approximations and projections fell way too short. The realization that there is a point when the numbers get so big and the variance so large that the approximations become mute scared many. Yet it was so real and threatened everything in data science, big data science. The term “prove it” led to nothing but a self centered and conceited statement swallowed in the chasm of variance. Noisy government data and bickering made the profession almost unbearable.

The forefathers created the Census for a reason. Without an accurate people count they could not foster economic relationships and create illusions like money, taxes, legal systems, and governance. A 200+ year struggle and still wobbling. There is something about it that does not sit right. A count divides us, corrals us into a box called America so laws, and taxes and “roll up” data can be used to manipulate our lives. What will make it feel right?

The current budget for the “2020 Census” is 18 billion dollars. Yet you will not have access. You will be denied. Only the privileged can see that data. The government will sell it privately to corporations that will use it to create a skewed and hidden Gaussian Distribution like they have done before. They may track everything out of normal. Force a rank in some learning algorithm. Milk intelligence in team oriented games reaping profit and fame in the name of technology and profit. Create a tortured reality for some and ecstasy and rein for others. This is survival of the fittest, called a democracy? (maybe a little bit of venting there…)

Finland has open data. And has been used by many to learn amazing things about family structure, economics, social challenges, legal improvements and choice. Accurate unemployment rates, valid and actual birth rates that correlate with the full moon are possible. Actual crime statistics make the legal system something to be proud of.

Here in this country with clean data could answer so many questions that a vague and messy. Questions like why the Mafia does not use guns anymore could be answered easily. Or why six million missing children in the 2010 census are truly missing or if the harvesting has begun by other interstellar civilizations or probes.

More over some many millions of personal records were found in the Social Security database still receiving benefits for people over 110 years old. Six million missing children were found in the 2010 Census. Simple calculations can lead to the reality that an error of 6 million missing children is just an estimation.I just have to put an OMG in here after that one. Manipulation of statistics by Law Enforcement to meet “Quota” in Furgeson, MO. 3 Billion dollars for a health care system that only 15 million people out of 320 million use?. If this is a report card, it could be considered less than passing.

Honestly there is more. The death index was public until it was found people were using it for criminal intent including the government. 20 million death records had to be adjusted after it went private. Even more shocking is evidence of manipulation of the voting records of millions of people especially at election time. Making them dead for a day at least until the voting recount finished. Apparently they did not fix all of them and some people remained very much dead. Causing financial havoc that the media seemed to just skip over.

To add just a little more fuel, roughly 550,000 people are needed to elect a congressional seat. The error margins are larger than that on many Census counts. The evidence is right there in the public view. The question is this data science? Heck yeah.

More honesty. The current crime reporting system is voluntary by state with barely a majority of the states participating (58%). Also the whole system was developed conceived and created by one man not the government. His insights are amazing and virtually ignored. The IRS with the most complete set of data which safely stored in mainframes in ancient formats that may as well be clay tablets of times of old. The amount of corruption and lack of detail and personal disrespect is really amazing.

One outcome that is glaring is the more the real picture of our diverse civilized humanity is hidden the more valuable truth and honesty becomes. With accurate data many things are easy. Example, homeland security becomes a quality, trusted and needed system and not some losing game with mistakes and error margins that would make your average person cringe. Personal data is mined illegally sold and manipulated, viewed, with people targeted unknowingly by corporations or foreign and domestic unknowns. Limited protection and it is a free for all and no way of knowing who what or where your data is.

In conclusion it will take an Independent Entity like the Civilian Data Army or an inter galactic entity to show people the contrast and depth of what is wrong. The problems are bigger than a Civil suit or other such corrective actions by government with a self policing Justice system. The possibilities are endless with good quality data. We will get there eventually and learn to make the much needed hard choices.

The US Government is the largest Corporation in the territory of the United States of America. Just being born here allows many people unnatural and unjust control over your personal data and well being. The system is the best we have and not ideal.

There are many more lessons to learn like integrating full beginning middle and end lifetime data. Birth, death and medical data into something we can use to better ourselves as whole. The real picture is about people how best to govern, police, and create a quality system complete with feedback. Just wait there is a reason other civilizations have not contacted us. It might be they know we will pull the guns first, turn red with embarrassment then panic.

Americans are very discerning. Fight for your right to pay to be told the truth about your personal data.

About Civilian Data Army:
The future Civilian Data Army owns and protects the data for all Americans. The “data draft” enlists a two year part time job capturing and cleaning data with a simple smart phone App. Working this way is a kin to a military draft. Leading to personal insight into family structure, legal system, economics, sustainability and beginning middle end of life in America. All pointing to real value and purpose at a very small expense with a large social and economic benefit.

The data is gathered with a contract signed and stored by the person. Informing them of any use of their personal data. With an emphasis on trust and data security. Any entity that looks into a persons data is notified of the intent to do so. Only with personal permission may the entity use that data in the way specified.

The motivation for the Civilian Data Army is fueled by the expensive “roll up” being sold as valid science for the gain of a few in the name of something not so respectful to its participants.

Best to you and yours, Thank you all. Happy Holidays.

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