15 interviews with 15 data scientists

Interesting PDF document featuring 15 data scientists (mostly co-founders of various start-ups or well known data science websites), with an average of 9 pages per interview. Posted on www.datascienceweekly.org by Hannah Brook. Here's the list:

  • Parham Aarabi: Visual Image Extraction - CEO of ModiFace & University of Toronto Professor 
  • Pete Warden: Object Recognition - Co-Founder & CTO of Jetpac 
  • Trey Causey: Data Science & Football - Founder of the spread, Data Scientist at zulily 
  • Ravi Parikh: Modernizing Web and iOS Analytics - Co-Founder of Heap Analytics (YC W13) 
  • Ryan Adams: Intelligent Probabilistic Systems - Leader of Harvard Intelligent Probabilistic Systems Group 
  • Kang Zhao: Machine Learning & Online Dating - Assistant Professor, Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa 
  • Dave Sullivan: Future of Neural Networks and MLaaS - Founder and CEO of Blackcloud BSG - company behind Ersatz 
  • Wolfgang van Loeper: Big Data & Agriculture - Founder & CEO of MySmartFarm 
  • Laura Hamilton: Predicting Hospital Readmissions - Founder & CEO of Additive Analytics 
  • Harlan Harris: Building a Data Science Community - Founder and President of Data Community DC 
  • Abe Gong: Using Data Science to Solve Human Problems - Data Scientist at Jawbone, DataScienceWeekly.org
  • K. Hensien & C. Turner: ML => Energy Efficiency - Senior Product Development at Optimum Energy, Data Scientist at The Data Guild 
  • Andrej Karpathy: Training DL Models in a Browser - Machine Learning PhD student at Stanford, Creator of ConvNetJS 
  • George Mohler: Predictive Policing - Chief Scientist at PredPol, Asst. Professor Mathematics & CS, Santa Clara University 
  • Carl Anderson: Data Science & Online Retail - Director of Data Science at Warby Parker

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Other popular data scientists

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