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Big data, this flood of data that scares some people, has moved from hype to reality. However, collecting more data does not always mean better insights. The exponential data growth via social networks and soon by connected objects tomorrow has become big challenges. The cursor should now be on the exploitation of useful data; or somebody call it Smart Data. How to achieve this mission to make intelligent data? Please see the Big Data posts from ECM TechNews.

Data Analysis

6 Right Steps for Any Data Analysis

  1. Define the right questions
  2. Use the right data
  3. Collect data with the right designs
  4. Choose the right methods for data analysis
  5. Choose the right tools for data analysis
  6. Choose the right visualization to present your results

6 Mindful Tips About Big Data Analysis Everyone Must Read

  1. Dig deeper for richer insights
  2. Change to an open mindset
  3. Find the small treasures in Big Data
  4. Clean up your data before using it
  5. Promote and maintain a data culture
  6. Do not try to analyze everything

10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Big Data Analysis

  1. Do not make decisions from Big Data
  2. Do not engage Data Scientists
  3. Answering the question “what”
  4. Focusing on the processing of data at the expense of analysis
  5. Failure to follow the time and cost
  6. To confuse correlation with causation
  7. Overloading the process
  8. Thinking too big
  9. Be led by the data
  10. Put customers in boxes


Top 8 Data Analysis Techniques Every Manager Should Understand

  1. Correlation Analysis
  2. Regression Analysis
  3. Data Visualization
  4. Scenario Analysis
  5. Data mining
  6. Monte Carlo Simulation
  7. Neural Networks
  8. A/B Testing

Data Tools

5 Big Data Tools in the Cloud

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. Google Cloud Platform
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. IBM Analytics
  5. SAP HANA Cloud Platform

9 Hot Big Data And Analytics Startups To Watch

  1. Confluent
  2. H2O.ai
  3. AtScale
  4. Algorithmia
  5. Bedrock Data
  6. Wavefront
  7. RJMetrics
  8. BlueTalon
  9. Cazena

DataViz and Storytelling

6 Tips for Effective Data Storytelling

  1. Speak the same language
  2. Tell the story, then show the pictures
  3. Develop your characters
  4. Show “What-If?”
  5. Document commonalities and differences
  6. Continuously improve

4 Infographics Depict the Future of Big Data

  1. The Future of Big Data - By Aisling
  2. The Big Data Crisis - BY BICORNER.COM
  3. The Future of Big Data - By Hotel Insight Editor
  4. Big Data, Present and Future - By BBVAOpen4U

6 Fascinating Big Data Visualization Examples

  1. The Internet Map
  2. Cybermap
  3. Tweetping
  4. Twitter GNIP
  5. Hivemindmap
  6. Earth Wind Map

Data for Business

3 Key Steps to Build A Successful Business Database

  1. Understand the structure
  2. Break data silos
  3. Enrich data by real-time updates

9 Key Considerations for a Successful Big Data Strategy

  1. New business culture
  2. Legal issues
  3. IT considerations
  4. Analytical methods
  5. Data diversity
  6. Three important trends
  7. Data Visualization?
  8. More than just data

Big Data Transformation in 2016 – the 6 Megatrends You Should Know ...

  1. Intelligent systems based on machine learning
  2. Change in business models
  3. Improvement of predictive analytics
  4. Integration of data in the enterprise
  5. Data visualization will provide a comprehensive overview
  6. The Big Data conquer new industries

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