100 Blogs on Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning

Originally posted on KDNuggets. We've added some blogs that were missing in the original list, and eliminated some that aren't worth mentioning, hoping to make this list less biased. For a much bigger list, click here.

  1. AnalyticBridge, about advanced analytics, books, salary surveys, training, challenges. 
  2. Analytics Vidhya blog on development of analytical skills, analytic industry best practices, and more.
  3. AnalyticTalent Data science and analytics jobs.
  4. Andrew Gelman by Andrew Gelman, statistics professor at Columbia University
  5. Ann Maria's Blog, by Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, President of the online statistics education company The Julia Group.
  6. Anil Batra's Web Analysis (Analytics), Online Advertising and Behavioral Targeting blog
  7. BigDataNews General articles about big data, as well as news (selected press releases)
  8. Business. Statistics. Technology, by Galit Shmueli, Professor of Statistics at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India.
  9. Beyond the Box Score A blog using statistics to analyse the game of baseball.
  10. Blog About Stats By Armin Grossenbacher, a network for professionals mainly of statistical institutions.
  11. CoolData By Kevin MacDonell on Analytics, predictive modeling and related cool data stuff for fund-raising in higher education.
  12. Cloud of data blog By Paul Miller, aims to help clients understand the implications of taking data and more to the Cloud.
  13. Calculated Risk, Finance and Economics
  14. Data Mining Research blog by Sandro Saitta on data mining research issues, recent applications, important events, interviews with leading actors, current trends, book reviews, etc
  15. DataShaping Search engine (Google powered) crawling selected data science websites exclusively 
  16. Data Science 101 by Ryan Swanstrom on becoming a data scientist.
  17. Data Science Central about automated data science, more general and less technical than Analyticbridge
  18. Data Science London on latest trends and research in data science.
  19. DataVizualization, the DSC channel related to DataViz.
  20. DiffusePrior by Alan Fernihough, on using R in econometric research.
  21. Domino Data Lab on startups, data science, R and Python.
  22. Data Scientist Journey Open source data science masters
  23. Data Genetics
  24. Deep Data Mining Blog, mostly focused on technical aspect of data mining, by Jay Zhou.
  25. Edwin Chen's by Edwin Chen, writes about math, machine learning, and data science.
  26. EMC Big data blog, by Mona Patel, big data solutions marketing at EMC
  27. Error Statistics Philosophy by Virginia Tech statistical philosopher Deborah G. Mayo
  28. Facebook Data Science Blog, the official blog of interesting insights presented by Facebook data scientists.
  29. FiveThirtyEight, by Nate Silver and his team, gives a statistical view of everything from politics to science to sports with the help of graphs and pie charts.
  30. Freakonometrics Charpentier, a professor of mathematics, offers a nice mix of generally accessible and more challenging posts on statistics related subjects, all with a good sense of humor.
  31. Freakonomics blog, by Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.
  32. FastML, covering practical applications of machine learning and data science.
  33. FlowingData, the visualization and statistics site of Nathan Yau.

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