11 most popular data science presentations on Slideshare

These presentations have been viewed between more than 25,000 times on average, though old articles have obviously more pageviews than new ones (assuming the popularity is identical), and some articles get more than 50% of their traffic more than 3 months after being published. Indeed, it's a very interesting statistical problem to adjust for this natural time bias.

Top data science presentations on slideshare:

  1. The Rise of Big Graph Data
  2. The Science of Managing Data Scientists
  3. How to Interview a Data Scientist
  4. What Does a Data Scientist Do?
  5. Titan: Big Graph Data with Cassandra
  6. Myths and Mathemagical Superpowers of Data Scientists
  7. Introduction to R for Data Mining
  8. A Statistician’s View on Big Data and Data Science
  9. Intro to Data Science for Enterprise Big Data
  10. Building Data Start-Ups: Fast, Big, and Focused
  11. How to Become a Data Scientist

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Comment by Prof. Dr. Diego Kuonen on September 4, 2016 at 8:20am

Note that there is an updated version (as of August 2016) of my presentation

A Swiss Statistician's 'Big Tent' Overview of Big Data and Data Science

in Pharmaceutical Development (Version 12)

at  and/or 

Comment by Prof. Dr. Diego Kuonen on August 9, 2015 at 9:17am

Proud of being listed as #8!

Note that there is an updated version (as of  July 1, 2015) of my presentation

‘A Statistician’s 'Big Tent' View on Big Data and Data Science’

at  and/or 

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