These predictions were published by the International Institute for Analytics (IIA). They produced a nice infographics, featured below, and re-tweeted many times by various bloggers, using the hash tag #2015Analytics. Other interesting predictions include those by Tableau, those by Pivotal, as well as my own predictions.

Here are IIA's predictions for 2015, in plain text:

  1. Organizations will clarify CAO and CDO roles and how they fit into their overall staffing structure.
  2. Storytelling will be the hot new job in analytics.
  3. Ensemble methods for analytical models will grow in popularity.
  4. The application of analytics for holistic and integrated security breach prevention will be a top priority.
  5. We will see the emergence of "The Analytics of Things."
  6. Companies will double their investment in generating new and unique data.
  7. Hadoop will go mainstream.
  8. Privacy demands will spark tools and services that allow consumers to determine if and how their data is shared and at what price.
  9. Analytics, machine learning, and cognitive computing will increasingly take over the jobs of knowledge workers.
  10. Automated decision-making will come of age in 2015.

and in visual format (for 2015):

Their predictions for 2014, issued a year ago, are depicted below:

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