10 Companies Looking to Hire Deep Learning Experts

1) NJF Global Holdings (Hedge Fund) - Hiring for about 7 Positions in New York City


NJF Global Holdings Is one of the leading Quantitative Hedge Funds in the world that applies a fully systematic approach to investing across global financial markets. The firm’s investment approach uses statistical and machine / deep learning techniques to generate predictive signals that identify market inefficiencies and investment opportunities used to trade.

2) Nvidia (Chip Design)  hiring for about 5 positions in Santa Clara, CA


NVIDIA is hiring Machine Learning Framework software engineers for its GPU-accelerated Machine Learning team. Academic and commercial groups around the world are using GPUs to power a revolution in machine learning, enabling breakthroughs in problems from image classification to speech recognition to natural language processing. The group will be responsible for developing core deep learning algorithms for both internal and 3rd party codebases.  Framework Software Engineers will be active members of the open source deep learning software engineering community, and will contribute directly to software packages such as Caffe, Theano, Torch, and KALDI.  The scope of these efforts ranges from integrating the latest cuDNN or CUDA features, performance tuning and analysis, implementing new machine learning algorithms, and other general software engineering work.

3) AIG (Insurance)


AIG’s Special Projects Lab (part of AIG’s Global Science team) is looking to hire people to take ownership of a significant new work-stream in the team focused on solving complex computer vision problems (including, but not limited to, image representation, object recognition, and caption generation), using machine learning (particularly, deep learning methods such as convolutional neural networks) and high-performance computing (including, near real-time image analysis)

4) Twitter


Twitter is hiring for software Engineers to build, scale and maintain the backbone of thier online distributed systems for learning, prediction and large scale visualization of Twitter content.

5) Harvard Medical School


The laboratory of Dr Andrew Beck at Harvard Medical School and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is seeking highly motivated individuals for a post-doctoral fellowship to develop and apply methods in deep learning to solve problems in the emerging field of computational pathology. The work will involve collaborations with top scientists at Harvard Medical School in the fields of machine learning, deep learning, cancer genomics, and cancer pathology.

6) D Wave hiring for 6 positions


D-Wave is building hardware with the goal of computing as fast as nature will allow. The D-Wave adiabatic quantum computer is able to sample from probability distributions and optimize functions that are computationally intractable using classical hardware. When viewed as a sampler, the native operation of the D-Wave machine is analogous to a sparsely-connected restricted Boltzmann machine. Similar network dynamics have fueled the recent explosion in the field of deep learning, the results of which are presently deployed in products ranging from speech recognition to image search. The D-Wave applications research team is working to exploit the parallels between these architectures to substantially accelerate learning in deep, hierarchical neural networks.

7) Amazon (Internet & E-Commerce)


Amazon is looking for Machine Learning Scientists to join their research team. Successful candidates would have outstanding experience applying Deep Learning techniques in the computer

8) Deep Genomics hiring in Toronto


The mission of the Toronto-based startup Deep Genomics is to transform genomic medicine by developing the best machine learning techniques for interpreting the genome and predicting the effects of mutations and gene editing. Deep Genomics is the only company that combines two of the most promising technologies today: deep learning and computational genomics. Deep Genomics is a startup company with seven PhD’s on the team and it will be the company that takes us into the era of machine learning-based genomic medicine.

9) Novartis


Postdoctoral position in the in Silico Lead Discovery group (iSLD) for an image analysis project working with Dr. Stan Lazic (http://postdoc.nibr.com/stanley-lazic.html). iSLD has a long track record of mentoring postdocs that have subsequently obtained competitive positions in academia and industry. The aim of the project is to develop methods to analyze images derived from high-content and live-cell imaging assays. These data are highly multivariate with up to 1.5 million compounds, hundreds of image features and measured over multiple time points. This opportunity provides an exciting research environment to develop novel analytical methods to understand basic biological processes and elucidate interactions between chemical and biological matter.

10) MoreIdeas

MoreIdeas, is based in Montreal Canada, & growing thier Computer Vision and Deep Learning team to usher in the latest advancements in deep learning and develop their VideoPixx technologies for automatic video analysis and frame selection — to unify video and still images. They are looking for talented computer vision and deep/machine learning practitioners to work on both real world problems and advancing deep learning research.

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