Bookdown: Authoring Books with R Markdown

This book is a guide to authoring books with R Markdown (Allaire et al. 2016) and the R package bookdown (Xie 2016a). It focuses on the features specific to writing books, long-form articles, or reports, such as

  • How to typeset figures and tables, and cross-reference them;
  • How to generate multiple output formats such as HTML, PDF, and e-books for a single book;
  • How to customize the book templates and style different elements in a book;
  • The editor support (in particular, the RStudio IDE);
  • How to publish a book;

It is not a comprehensive introduction to R Markdown or the knitr package (Xie 2016b), on top of which bookdown was built. To learn more about R Markdown, please check out the online documentation http://rmarkdown.rstudio.com. For knitr, please see Xie (2015b). You do not have to be an expert of the R language (R Core Team 2016) to read this book, but you are expected to have some basic knowledge about R Markdown and knitr. For beginners, you may get started with the cheatsheets at https://www.rstudio.com/resources/cheatsheets/. To be able to customize the book templates and themes, you should be familiar with LaTeX, HTML and CSS.

Table of Contents:

The book is available, here.

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