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  1. Linux Data Science Virtual Machine 
  2. Deep Learning for Beginners 
  3. Google BigQuery Public Datasets 
  4. How to Remove Duplicates in Large Datasets 
  5. When should a Data Scientist use Structural Equation Modeling? 
  6. Categorisation of Machine Learning algorithms for business applicat... 
  7. Must Know Tips for Deep Learning Neural Networks 
  8. Kaggle Releases Data Sets About Global Warming 
  9. Book: Mastering Python for Data Science 
  10. Public beta of toolkit for developing machine learning for robots a... 
  11. NoSQL Performance Benchmarks 
  12. Survival Modeling Tutorial using R - Part 1 
  13. From Algorithms to Z-Scores: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling...- Free book
  14. Step by step Kaggle competition tutorial 

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  1. IBM makes quantum computing available in the cloud 
  2. 2016 Big Data 100: 20 Coolest Platform And Tools Vendors 
  3. The fight against antimicrobial resistance across Europe ++ Cool video pie chart
  4. Inside Facebook's Biggest Artificial Intelligence Project Ever 
  5. Top 10 Data Science Influencers on Twitter 
  6. How to tell two radically different stories from the same dataset +
  7. Data science, no coding required: DataRobot’s automated platform 
  8. A couple of data science competitions 
  9. Google launches new machine learning platform | TechCrunch
  10. Cleaning Big Data: Most Time-Consuming, Least Enjoyable Data Scienc...| Forbes
  11. Beyond the hype: the hard work behind analytics success | MIT Sloan
  12. Deep learning will be huge — and here’s who will dominate it 
  13. Years You Have Left to Live, Probably - Nice interactive chart by FlowingData
  14. Alooma gets $11.2 million Series A to solve data science pain points 
  15. AI program wrote a short novel, and almost won a literary prize 
  16. A Shocking NASA Photo. Literally. 
  17. How facial recognition can expose your life to strangers 
  18. Data Science Falls Into Many Roles 

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