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The tech behind the Worldbank Data Portal

Last Thursday, the World Bank’s data team announced the forthcoming all-new website. I am sure everyone here at Data Science Central knows about the gigantic Open Data portal everyone can find on This section represents half of the incoming traffic on the website.

This article will explain a bit the technology used behind the rebuilding of the new beta. Wiredcraft, a digital agency based in Shanghai, NYC and Berlin works in collaboration with the World Bank’s data team in developing this new site.

Many improvements has been brought over the previous site, including more interactive data visualisations for charts and maps, a user-friendly search bar to traverse multiple datasets, and adding support for mobile browsing using responsive design. 

This article talks about the benefit of using React, Node.js, FalcorJS, the open source egg library for data visualization and the Worldbank API.

Read more about Wiredcraft work for the Worldbank

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