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As the number of Internet users and businesses working online is growing, there are also more and more criminals in cyber space. If you want to keep your business safe, you have to learn some basics about the way Internet protection works. Also, you will have to seek assistance from tech and financial advisers to make your data and assets safe from online theft.

Firewall – online moat around your property

Today most websites that work in the ecommerce field are under constant threat of hacker's attacks. What hackers are looking for when they want to hack a bank account or a website are cracks in the security system. Just like any other gap, these cracks allow them to get inside the system and take what they need. When it comes to looting bank accounts and extracting personal data from commercial websites, the most popular methods are Cross Site Scripting and SQL attacks. This is where firewalls come on stage. They will minimize the number of cracks in the security system and keep your online belongings safe.

Multi-layered protection

If you want your data and your business to stay away from the eyes and the hands of greedy hackers, you have to be careful how you behave in the online context. The conditions are the same as they are in the real world – private property has to be protected. If rich 1people make several layers of fences and hedges to protect their properties, they should do the same online. Therefore, you could introduce multi-layered protection. The first layer of online protection is always a password and the second one is usually a code. However, the development of cutting-edge technologies leads to innovative techniques in data protection. Read how MasterCard uses their clients' photos to secure their data and money.

Ensuring legal protection

No matter how careful and serious you are about the innovations you use to protect your business and your data, you can still get hacked. However, there are some mechanisms that can help you cushion the strike. First of all, you should have a good lawyer, in case a major break-in happens. Secondly, you should also ensure that the company that supervises your online data and the money transfer on the web is obliged to keep them 100% safe. If they fail to protect you the way they agreed to, you can sue them to get back what if yours. Also, think about introducing security bonds to your business deals, which will provide additional protection for your business and your online data.

Scan your associates

Since more and more businesses are using cloud features, business owners have to be extremely cautious when they collaborate with cloud providers. Every business owner that works in the online sphere needs to scan several cloud vendors before they opt for one. It would be a disaster to pay attention to every single detail to protect your business and then be hacked because of their mistakes. Moreover, do not work with cloud software providers unless they use highly trusted security certificates, like Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Running a successful online business means taking care of a large number of security issues. Nevertheless, if you work only with trusted companies and start using new technologies for protection, your business and data will be impenetrable for hackers. 

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