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Adding RDF Lists and Sequences To Sparql

This particular article is a discussion about a recommendation to a given standard, that of SPARQL 1.1. None of this has been implemented yet, and as such represents more or less the muiings of a writer, rather than established functionality. Read at your peril!

Lately, I've been spending some time on the Github…


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Why GraphQL Will Rewrite the Semantic Web

I'm relatively old school, semantically speaking: my first encounters with RDF was in the early 2000s, not long after Tim Berners-Lee's now-famous article in Scientific American introducing the Semantic Web to the world. I remember working through the complexities of RDFS and OWL, spending a long afternoon with one of the editors of the SPARQL…


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Of Superheroes, Hypergraphs and the Intricacy of Roles

In my previous post in which I discussed names, I also led in with the fact that I am a writer. Significantly, I did not really talk much about that particular assertion, because is in fact comes with its own…


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What's In a Name?

I wrote on this topic way back in 2016, but when a recent reader indicated that the original article didn't have images anymore (it happens), it seemed like a good opportunity to write about it again.

I am Kurt Cagle, or, according to my birth certificate, Kurt Alan Cagle. My name is Kurt Cagle.

Now, think about that…


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Six Secret SPARQL Ninja Tricks

SPARQL is a powerful language for working with RDF triples. However, SPARQL can also be difficult to work with, so much so that it often is not utilized anywhere near as often for its advanced capabilities, which include aggregating content, building URIs, and similar uses. This is the second piece in my exploration of OntoText's GraphDB…


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The Pros and Cons of RDF-Star and Sparql-Star

For regular readers of the (lately somewhat irregularly published) The Cagle Report, I've finally managed to get my feet underneath me at Data Science Central, and am gearing up with a number of new initiatives, including a video interview program that I'm getting underway as soon as I can get the last of the physical infrastructure (primarily…


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Building Effective Site Taxonomies

Several years ago, the typical company website fit into a predefined template - a home or landing page (usually talking about how innovative the company was), a products page, a business client testimonials page, a blog, and an "about us" page. However, as the number of products or services have multiplied, and as the demands for supporting those services…


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Network Graph Visualizations with DOT

Network graphs play a large part in both computing and data science, and they are essential for working with (and visualizing) both semantic graphs and property graphs. Nearly thirty years ago, AT&T produced a set of libraries called graphviz which were…


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