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AI/ML Applications in Law and Compliance

Summary:  Some industries are a clear slam-dunk for AI/ML applications and some less so.  The legal, regulatory, and compliance businesses (law firms, internal legal departments, and the contract review and regulatory compliance departments of heavily regulated industries) fall in this last category.  This is a review of seven companies found by TopBots to be successful; pointing to opportunities others can follow.



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A quick demonstration of polling confidence interval calculations using simulation

At dinner with friends last Sunday, the topic of conversation fixated on -- what else -- the upcoming presidential election. That morning, a poll had been released by the …


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Digital identity with continuous community validation

The idea is to develop a digital identity system where it is your community that continuously re-validates your identity. Your identity needs to be regularly revalidated by other members of the community holding valid identities. If your digital identity is not revalidated following an acceptable pattern, it quickly expires, in a matter of days. The revalidation pattern is not random: for example, it is not acceptable that you get validated that you get constantly revalidated by the same…


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Can crime be predicted ? Does crime follow a natural rate?

Preface :

Violence is a social phenomenon and has a central role to play in assessing societal developments. Does the trend of subcategories of crime indicate a shift in societal structure ? If yes then then how accurately can we predict it and what can we do about it ? I have tried analysing crime in India over 15+ years in the…


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Healthcare or the Economy?  Bull!  It’s Healthcare AND the Economy

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to address one of modern society’s biggest challenges – the choice between healthcare or the economy.  For the past several decades, we have treated this as an “either or” choice between one or the other; that to improve the economy we must reduce healthcare spending or to improve healthcare we must sacrifice the economy.  To that sort of thinking I say BULL!

The coronavirus COVID-19 situation is showing us a very…


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Reasons to file for a patent, even if your employer does not offer patent bonuses.

What is the Measure of a Successful Patent

What passes for wisdom from a (modestly) successful “Patent Ace”…


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