Data Science Apprenticeship

Data Science Apprenticeship (DSA) by leading data scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Vincent Granville. Six-month program, with real life projects. No admission exam, state-of-the art curriculum,  comprehensive program delivered entirely online, suitable for self- learners. Training based on our Data Science Wiley Book and our training booklet. Click here for more information, and join this group to receive updates about our apprenticeship (schedule, material to get started, etc.)

Applicants successfully completing our DSA can earn our Data Science Certification.

Addendum to my data science book (updated)

The following document contains additional topics part of our Data Science Apprenticeship, but not covered in our Wiley textbook. We will add new material on a regular basis. Material added after the book was published (April 7, 2014) is starred and dated.

1. Nine Categories of Data Scientists

2. Practical Illustration of Map-Reduce (Hadoop-Style), on Real Data

  • Building a summary table: the Map step
  • Building a summary table: the Reduce step
  • Improvements
  • Conclusions

3. Answers to Job Interview Questions

  • Technical questions
  • General questions
  • Questions about data science projects

4. Additional Topics

  • Belly dancing mathematics
  • 10 unusual ways analytics are used to make our lives better

5. Improving Visuals

  • Improving Venn Diagrams
  • Adding Dimensions to a Chart

6. Essential Features for any Database, SQL or NoSQL

Download the Addendum (Word document).

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    William J McKibbin

    I have pre-ordered the book from Amazon, thanks.

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      Umut Yildiz

      Thanks a lot. I have just bought the book and reading it. In many ways, the book is very well explanatory to understand the data science and big data. 

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        Christopher Keaton

        I just bought this book for my up-and-coming Manager of Advanced Analytics.  As we build a Data Science program, it's exciting to have this as a desk reference.