I have prepared a Statistical Advisor chart (attached, here) using online StatSoft book, I have also tried to include side notes for quick reference, this is my first draft version and will improve it over time.

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This is a fantastic summary and guide to statistical needs. Thank you for sharing.

I'd like to use a copy of your chart in a presentation I'm doing in December 2017 on data analytics.  May I have your permission to do so?  It will, of course, be properly attributed to you.  Thank you in advance!

Dear Professor,

I was using the chart for the past two years. It is highly helpful for research scholars. I shared with my students in IIT Madras and Annamalai University with appropriate attribution. Research scholars showed their appreciation and gratefulness for your work. I wish to use the chart for our upcoming training programme at BSA R Crescent Institute of Science and Technology. If you have any improvements will be happy to incorporate in the chart. I have also a set of suggestions. Should I post or send it across to you? Thank you very much. 


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