A great resource (PDF document) about big data, originally posted on CTOvision.com. Here are questions answered in this one-page document (see picture at the bottom for an extract).

The Big Data Poster: screenshot

Questions answered in this document

  • What is big data?
  • How big is big data?
  • What are leading big data tools?
  • What types of data are in big data?
  • What is a data scientist?
  • What Questions shoulD we ask about Databases?
  • How do we implement big data solutions?
  • How do we extract knowledge from big data?
  • What do we do with knowledge we extract?
  • What types of Visual techniques are there?
  • What types of statistical algorithms are there? 
  • A few Useful Contacts

Below is a zoom on the question in the middle of the poster:

Other interesting resources

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