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Does anyone know if there is a mechanism to automatically add the certification to your LinkedIn profile?  It would be great to have everything automatically populated with the DSC logo etc.  Any help much appreciated!



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Hi Andrea -- Yes we do. About 25% of all applicants are accepted, based on their profile. If you have no real experience in data science or equivalent quantitative business experience, you won't be accepted. The fact that you were approved is because we did some search about your background, and found that you deserved it. .

Hi, Vincent,

Would you please use to create the badge for the members which we can put on the linkedin?

Best regards,


Hi Vincent,

thanks for the reply.

I am not sure to understand. I was replying to Phillip's old questions about having some badge or standard item to put on Linkedin regarding the certification.



Hi everyone, 

Thank you for approving my membership to the group. I am really excited to join this community of talented Data Scientists.

I too would want to add this certification on my LinkedIn and resume. Is there a way to do that properly, with logo or maybe an authenticated ID that i could add? Any help will be appreciated.




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