i would like to have a few more details about the apprenticeship : 

- Is there fix dates as in some coursera Mooc ?

- Is there a certification given at the end of the cursus ?

- Is it free or is there enrollement fees ?

- Is it possible to be in contact with some people that already passed the certification ? btw how many people already took the cursus and finished it ?

- How do the lessons relate to the data science book that is about to come out ?

- Is it possible to have a sort schedule on top of the syllabus ? Lesson and projects broken down by weeks for example.

- Do you have any idea of how many hour a week this cursus requires ?

I know it is a lot of question but a 6 month enrollement is a commitment and it is therefore safer to ask every question beforehand. I hope you will understand the number of questions.



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Thanks Nicholas for starting the new discussion. These are detailed questions that require detailed answers.

I recommend that you check http://www.datasciencecentral.com/group/data-science-apprenticeship.... I know it is an outdated article, but you may find some answers. 

Still waiting for more details

This is not traditional, academic-style training. For now, it's entirely free and has a very loose structure, and no support (though some of the commentors here have shown interest in creating a group of their own): it works well with some students (self-learners), and not so well with others who want to spend time with a mentor (and pay for it). For well structured traditional training, see chapter 3 in my book. Many other programs are listed on DSC and in our newsletters. 

Please read our latest update regarding our apprenticeship. When our book is published (by March 31, 2014), it will be part of the training material. We will also provide a 'data science cheat sheet' - 10 pages with all you need to know to get started - and we will review projects submitted by students. At this time (mid-April) there will be a fee (only if you want your projects reviewed and commented) but it will come with a certification (for those who succeed). It will still be mostly DIY (do-it-yourself), online (the 6-month schedule is a recommended value but people with good computer science expertise might complete it much faster, while if you don't have any quantitative college degree/knowledge, it probably won't work).

We'll post an updated by early April.


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