The following document contains additional topics part of our Data Science Apprenticeship, but not covered in our Wiley textbook. We will add new material on a regular basis. Material added after the book was published (April 7, 2014) is starred and dated.

1. Nine Categories of Data Scientists

2. Practical Illustration of Map-Reduce (Hadoop-Style), on Real Data

  • Building a summary table: the Map step
  • Building a summary table: the Reduce step
  • Improvements
  • Conclusions

3. Answers to Job Interview Questions

  • Technical questions
  • General questions
  • Questions about data science projects

4. Additional Topics

  • Belly dancing mathematics
  • 10 unusual ways analytics are used to make our lives better

5. Improving Visuals

  • Improving Venn Diagrams
  • Adding Dimensions to a Chart

6. Essential Features for any Database, SQL or NoSQL

Download the Addendum (Word document).

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Replies to This Discussion

Thanks Dr. G! Looking forward to the new book and starting this program!

I have pre-ordered the book from Amazon, thanks.

Thanks a lot. I have just bought the book and reading it. In many ways, the book is very well explanatory to understand the data science and big data. 

I just bought this book for my up-and-coming Manager of Advanced Analytics.  As we build a Data Science program, it's exciting to have this as a desk reference.


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