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Visualization is the best way to explore and communicate insights about data. Whether you're dealing with geospatial, time series or tabular data, interactive graphics allow everyone on your team, from analysts to executives, to understand the patterns in your data.

But as data grows to include millions and billions of points, traditional visualization techniques break down. Whether you are loading the data into limited memory or separating the signal from the noise, when thousands of data points occupy each pixel and data gets big, visualization gets challenging.

We are here to help - Continuum Analytics' data scientists and engineers have developed a new Big Data visualization approach called datashading. Join us in this webinar to explore Big Data visualization with the datashader library, led by Continuum Analytics CTO Peter Wang and Solution Architect Dr. Jim Bednar.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Visualize Big Data the right way - and why so many people do it wrong
  • Interactively visualize 3 billion points of data in a Jupyter Notebook
  • Create live, interactive dashboards of Big Data sets in less than 300 lines of Python - no JavaScript required


Team Anaconda

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