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Please join us on Aug 19, 2014 at 9am PDT for our latest Data Science Central Webinar Event: Combining Data Visualization with Data Management to Achieve Faster Results sponsored by Lavastorm Analytics and Tableau Software.

Space is limited.
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Using data to drive decision making and innovation inside an organization is no longer the practice of a few companies, but rather a core competency required of every business and institution at nearly every level. Unfortunately the approaches for making data driven decisions inside of most professional organizations is still very much centered around lots of people dealing with lots of spreadsheets creating lots of number reports. The inefficiency inherent in this approach stems from time wasted by individuals simply trying to untangle messy data as well as additional time lost by organizations trying to interpret pages and pages of cross tabular reports. 

Advances in data management and data visualization are helping to redefine how both the individual and the organization analyze data to make key decisions and drive additional insight in ever shorter spans of time. See how Lavastorm Analytics and Tableau Software are working together to streamline the ability for companies to make rapid data decisions by empowering individuals across every part of an organization to grapple with even the messiest of data and then visually explore the results.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How data savvy organizations are quickly overcoming common data preparation obstacles
  • How dealing with multiple types of data is now a solved problem
  • How creating scalable data processes and pipelines is now a capability for the everyday data user
  • How quickly data visualization can be used to analyze and discover insights within even massive datasets.

Dan Donovan, Head of Partner Development, Lavastorm Analytics
Dustin Smith, Product Marketing Manager, Tableau Software

Hosted byTim Matteson, Cofounder, Data Science Central

TitleCombining Data Visualization with Data Management to Achieve Faster Results
DateTuesday, Aug 19, 2014
Time9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT 

Again, Space is limited so please register early:
Reserve your Webinar seat now 

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