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Here are three upcoming events you don't want to miss:
#1  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - A Data Scientist’s Guide to Modeling Engine Degradation

In this latest DSC webinar, the Pivotal Data Science team will present a data-driven approach to detecting and tracking jet-engine degradation using simulated sensor data. In particular we will focus on (1) data integration and cleansing, (2) transformation of time series data from sensors into meaningful features for modeling and (3) the algorithms used to build models to identify engine degradation patterns.

Space is limited so please register early.

#2 The Cognitive Era is at your Doorstep: IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics is ready

We are now entering the Cognitive Era, which demands a powerful combination of tools for your organization to evolve into one that continuously learns from data. Join us for this three-part webinar series to see how the new release of IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics can help your organization become a part of this new Insight Economy, tapping into diverse data sets and becoming data-driven.

See more details and register here.

#3 Extracting Analytic Intelligence From Hybrid, Cloud-Based Data Systems: a Success Story

In this latest DSC Webinar Event you will hear from the CTO of an innovative, market-leading company as he describes his firm’s journey into hybrid cloud and get fresh perspective from a well-respected analyst and editor. You’ll walk away from the webinar with a clear understanding of how YOUR team can put a new shine on your company’s analytic data warehouse investment by combining on-premises performance with cloud-based flexibility.

Space is limited so please register early.

### And finally, make sure you check out this latest article on Data Science Central: 

"The Death of the Statistical Tests of Hypotheses" - Some foundations of statistical science have been questioned recently, especially the use and abuse of p-values. While statistical tests of hypotheses will continue to be used in some circles for a long time (medical research for instance), we show you a different solution that eliminates most of the drawbacks, and is especially suited for black-box or automated testing, where decisions are not taken, not even checked by human beings.

Read full article here

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