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Here are 10 of the top stories, selected by Pivotal experts, from October to keep you abreast of the important advances in Data Science.

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The Top Data Science Stories for October

1. Research Dollars Flow into Data Science from NSF and NIH

The National Science Foundation (NSF) put $31 million  towards 17 innovative data science projects to improve the workforce and improve data science tooling. The National Institutes of Health pour $32 million  to help researchers analyze and use big biology data.

2. 84% Of Enterprises See Big Data Analytics and Data Science Impacting Competition

Forbes covers the Industrial Internet Insights Report For 2015,  by Accenture and General Electric, highlights how the worlds of IoT, big data, and data science overlap. The study also covers competition, risks, and priorities for enterprise initiatives in various sectors.

3. The Future Architecture of a Data Lake: In-memory Data Exchange

Platform Using Tachyon and Apache Spark. In partnership with the AMPLab at UC Berkeley, Pivotal envisions a future architecture with an in-memory data exchange platform based on Tachyon and in-memory compute layer augmented by Apache Spark. This is the journey to one central data repository.

4. Using Data Science from Mobile Phones to Combat Ebloa

The Economist  explores how epidemiologists, scientists who study the patterns, causes, and effects of disease, might use location data from mobile phones. The data can explain where and when people go places, even predicting where humans will spread diseases.

5. How Netflix Uses Data, Science, and Art to Produce Hit Shows

With 33 million subscribers, Netflix has scores of data about what our interests, habits, and behaviors are regarding media and entertainment. In this article from the Huffington Post, sociology, marketing, and big data are used to build a recipe for hit TV shows.

More Data Science Headlines

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