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On-Demand Speaker: Tom de Godoy
30 Minutes CTO & Co-Founder, DataRobot
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Machine learning is changing the way organizations across industries handle predictive analytics. But with all the hype and buzzwords - machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, statistical modeling - it is increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction as you evaluate machine learning solutions.

Throw in the challenge of hiring and retaining internal talent - data scientists, engineers, analysts, IT professionals - who can leverage and deploy predictive analytics technologies, and deciding on how to successfully implement machine learning becomes a nightmare. 

On this 30 minute on-demand webinar, Tom de Godoy, DataRobot co-founder and CTO, reveals the keys to enterprise-ready machine learning, including:
  • How to cut through the hype around machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, deep learning and other related buzzwords
  • Why machine learning is driving a decided competitive advantage for companies across industries and applications
  • How automation accelerates the predictive analytics workflow while maximizing ROI and speeding deployment
  • Which types of predictive analytics challenges are best addressed with machine learning automation
View this webinar to receive practical insights into how companies across industries are leveraging automated machine learning to drive strategic initiatives in all areas of their business.
Webinar Presenter:
Tom de Godoy
As CTO of DataRobot, Tom projects the vision of the company by directing its strategic technology investments. Before DataRobot, Tom was Senior Director of Research and Modeling at Travelers Insurance, where he managed a team of data scientists. Tom has his master’s degree in Science and Math, and a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Massachusetts.
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