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The Data Science Experience: Building something brilliant together

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SAS Introduces: The Data Science Experience

Check out the new dedicated Data Science Experience page and stay informed on the latest SAS applications and solutions for data scientists.

Stay tuned every month!  We will discuss a variety of interesting topics such as AI, Machine learning, Computer Vision, Model Management and more. These will be introduced by Data Scientists in a monthly series.


What is the topic of this Month?  Artificial Intelligence

Explore all the AI resources available for practitioners and young professionals during this month. Learn more


More AI resources available for you!


Artificial Intelligence: the AI Pathfinder

Artificial Intelligence: the AI Pathfinder

How to make AI work for you

A deep dive into AI applications, use cases and key considerations to allow you to exploit the AI potential.

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

The SAS AI ethics primer

Familiarize yourself with the key topics in the debate about ethics and AI, to help you make confident and informed decisions as your own AI initiatives progress.

Artificial Intelligence: the AI Pathfinder
Artificial Intelligence: the AI Pathfinder

Is Artificial Intelligence really a golden opportunity?

The views of AI experts from data scientists to the boardroom on:

• What are the obstacles to using AI and how can these be overcome?
• How can AI and humans work alongside each other?



The Data Science Experience is also a great opportunity to connect, exchange knowledge and ideas.
Learn about the data science skills that are fit for the future and become part of this community that we are all building together. 

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