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Master of Science in Data Science, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana
Increase your marketability with a broad-based background that will allow you to convert data into actionable intelligence. The Saint Mary's College Master of Science in Data Science program will prepare you to enter into the data analysis process at any stage, from the initial formulation of the question, to visualizing data, to interpreting the results and drawing conclusions. You'll gain the range and depth of expertise to be a leader in data-driven industries.
Our primarily online Professional Science Master's program will equip you to:
  • analyze complex data sets in the context of real-world business problems
  • develop and implement data analysis strategies based on theoretical principles, ethical considerations, and detailed knowledge of the underlying data
  • apply enduring mathematical principles to the analysis of data
  • plan, direct, and evaluate the status of complex projects
  • generate actionable intelligence for decision making
There's still time to apply for fall.
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