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How to Flip the 80/20 Rule for Analytics in Hadoop
Hadoop Data Lake — Data Preparation Success
Data Scientists and Analysts in the Hadoop Data Lake are spending 80% of their time on data preparation and only 20% of their time on the actual analytics. 

Teradata can help you can flip the 80/20 rule with the right data management solution.
Find out how to address the following questions when you download our whitepaper:
How do I make sense of the Hadoop files pouring into the data lake and manage the data effectively?
Can our team reuse work that has already been done?
How do I get timely visibility into what changes are occurring?
Can I simplify data prep with self-service data preparation interface?
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Data Preparation Success in the Hadoop Data Lake
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"Without descriptive metadata, and a mechanism to maintain it, the data lake risks turning into a data swamp. Without metadata, every subsequent use of data means analysis start from scratch, like a form of data amnesia." 
— Nick Heudecker
Research Director at Gartner

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