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Cutting Time, Complexity and Costs from Data Science to Production

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Cutting Time, Complexity and Costs from Data Science to Production

One-click (really!) deployment to production without any heavy lifting from data and DevOps engineers

Wednesday, February 6 at 8am PT

Imagine a system where one collects real-time data, develops a machine learning model… Runs analysis and training on powerful GPUs… Clicks on a magic button and then deploys code and ML models to production… All without any heavy lifting from data engineers. Today, data scientists work on laptops with just a subset of data and time is wasted while waiting for data and compute.

It’s about efficient use of time! Join Iguazio and NVIDIA so that you can get home early today! Learn how to speed up data science from development to production:

  • Access to large scale, real-time and operational data without waiting for ETL
  • Run high performance analytics and ML on NVIDIA GPUs (Rapids)
  • Work on a shared, pre-integrated Kubernetes cluster with Jupyter notebook and leading data science tools

Featured Speakers:

Yaron Haviv, CTO, Iguazio
Or Zilberman, Data Scientist, Iguazio
Jacci Cenci, Sr Technical Marketing Engineer, NVIDIA

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