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PAW Healthcare 2015

Seven Unbeatable Workshops at PAW Boston
The training workshops at PAW Business and PAW Healthcare in Boston are unbeatable. With training programs dedicated to topics covering R, predictive modeling, ensemble methods, healthcare and more, there is something for every level of predictive analytics practitioner. Take your understanding of predictive analytics up a notch by signing up for the workshops below and enjoy Data Science Central’s discount code DSCPAW150.
Max Kuhn R for Predictive Modeling: A Hands-On Introduction 

Max Kuhn of Pfizer will deliver this one-day workshop to provide a hands-on introduction to R. Real examples will be employed to expose attendees to best practices driving R and its predictive modeling packages.
Vladimir Barash

Big Data: Proven Methods You Need to Extract Big Value

Vladimir Barash of Graphika will review key concepts, tools, and major big data success stories that have transformed businesses and created new markets. Learn how to best make value from data.

John Elder

Modeling Methods: The Best and the Worst Predictive Analytics

John Elder of Elder Research will present this workshop on the key inner workings of leading algorithms, case studies demonstrating their performance and comparing their merits.

Dean Abbott Supercharging Prediction: Hands-On with Ensemble Models 

Dean Abbott of Abbott Analytics will dive into key ensemble approaches including Bagging, Random Forests, and Stochastic Gradient Boosting in this workshop.
Healthcare Workshops Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Nephi Walton, Linda A. Winters-Miner, Ken Yale and Gary Miner will take attendees through a healthcare modeling exercise from start to finish without any required prior training. For the advanced student, this workshop will teach where predictive analytics is being used in healthcare, techniques used, and challenges that are faced.
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Dean Abbott Advanced Methods Hands-On Predictive Modeling Techniques

Dean Abbott of Abbott Analytics will lead this workshop, sponsored by Dell Software, about hands-on deployment of key predictive analytics algorithms & software.
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Eric Siegel Predictive Analytics Applied – An Online Introduction

Eric Siegel of Predictive Analytics World provides this online introductory course for those new to predictive analytics.


Learn more about these fascinating workshops

Join us in Boston, Sept. 27 – Oct. 1, 2015

Be part of these workshops or full conference programs by registering today for PAW Business
or PAW Healthcare at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.

Sign up with the Data Science Central code DSCPAW150 for
$150 off of full conference passes.

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PAW Business and PAW Healthcare in Boston are co-located with the eMetrics Summit,
and the 
PA Times Executive Breakfast

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