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What Negative Kurtosis implies

Hi...I am new to data science, I have a dataset and when I am computing kurtosis of the Target Variable I am getting the value as -0.94. Wh…

Started by Niana ThomasLatest Reply

How did your company choose a BI tool?

I’m curious to learn how companies settle on a BI tool. What criteria did you consider? How did you evaluate different tools? Did you choos…

Started by Lee SchlesingerLatest Reply

Restrictions for split-half testing ?

Hello everyone, I am a psychology student about to write my bachelor thesis for which I need to test some questionnaires for split-half rel…

Started by Heiko HahnLatest Reply

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Data Science Courses to Avoid

While there are now many data science programs worth attending (see for instance programs from top universities), there are still programs…

Started by Mirko Krivanek

32 Jul 20, 2016
Reply by Taihua Li

SQL to NoSQL translator

Is there any software that converts an SQL script into NoSQL? What are the drawbacks and limitations  of these translators? What about SQL…

Started by Vincent Granville

22 Sep 27, 2018
Reply by Lee Schlesinger

Career change into data science

I'm hoping someone can give me some advice around how to move into the field of data science. My background is in physics, in which I achie…

Started by Carl Watt

21 Dec 19, 2015
Reply by A Majek

A Tough Calculus Question

What is the result for SQRT(-4) * SQRT(-9)? This was posted on Brilliant, tweeted, and went viral, with thousands of views. Yet, even if it…

Started by L.V.

20 Nov 18, 2017
Reply by Steven Craighead

The 3Vs that define Big Data

As I studied the subject, the following three terms stood out in relation to Big Data. Variety, Velocity and Volume. In marketing, the 4P…

Started by Diya Soubra

19 Sep 7, 2016
Reply by Theodore Omtzigt

What will be the next big thing after data science?

No so long ago mathematics mathematics was very popular and allowed for the computer and Internet revolution, and progress in engineering s…

Started by Mirko Krivanek

18 Mar 20, 2015
Reply by Keith Maclaren

Mysterious gaps in Google Analytics numbers

While looking at the 2000+ most popular live articles on DSC, based on Google Analytics numbers, we found an interesting pattern. The bott…

Started by Vincent Granville

17 Feb 5, 2015
Reply by Ken Pendergast

How to win a Kaggle competition

Of course one way to win is play by the rules and submit the best answer. But since most of these challenges are about predicting something…

Started by Vincent Granville

16 Feb 28, 2017
Reply by Sarfaraz Ahmed Abbasi

Java versus Python

Interesting picture that went viral on Facebook. We've had plenty of discussions about Python versus R on DSC. This picture is trying to co…

Started by L.V.

14 Nov 29, 2018
Reply by Vikrant Choudhary

Help needed to prove that Earth is not flat

Can someone show what the trajectory of an object falling on a "pancake-shape" Earth would be, according to the gravitation law? Also if Ea…

Started by Vincent Granville

13 Apr 24, 2018
Reply by Vincent Granville



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