Hello everyone.

I have been lurking around here for a while and decided to jump in. I have a PhD in computational Chemistry and teach at a small, regional university in Chemistry. I have a mostly self-taught background in programming and have studied Python, C scripting and Javascript mostly. I used some command-line scripting in grad school. I have built, set up and maintained my own Linux servers. I am well-versed in command-line Linux. I also have done a bit of SQL with my servers. For personal reasons, I am considering a jump to data science. I am currently taking the UCSanDiegoX course set on EdX. I have 2 questions for you:

1. Would this course set be enough to make the jump to data science? In other words, do employers consider these MOOCs to be relevant? 

2. Do you think it is possible to obtain an entry-level position in this field working from home online? I noticed that there are many job offers for remote workers in this field. Again, this is for personal reasons.

Thanks for reading my post.

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I have noticed that the pharmaceutical industry is more open to hiring data scientists (bio-statisticians) working from home, than other industries. Some such positions are listed here

Thanks Vincent.

That's what I am working toward. Hopefully with my background in Computational Organic, I can find a position like that if necessary. I just wanted to ask if anyone has been successful with that.



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