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What should a Beginner do in Data Science to become an EXPERT ?

Can you please share your experiences as to how you started and went on to do Greats in Data Science ?

What tools did you use in order to get ahead ?

And what type and also the kind of Strategy did you apply on the Data Sets you worked on ?

Please SHARE in detail  . Sharing is Caring .

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I can't help withe main question, but I am curious as to how you define beginner?

Dear Chris : By beginner I mean a young Data Science enthusiast , who has just started using SAS or other tools like that .

Christian Gilbert said:

I can't help withe main question, but I am curious as to how you define beginner?

i would not say SAS is a data science tool.

Then would you like to tell the tools you use for data science ?

math math math: statistics, linear algebra, optimization, computational/statistical learning

programming: R, python

then add business skills which you could acquire on the job. understand the business and its needs.

your other question is very general. it depends on the problem.

@Anshuman...its not math math math as our friend is suggesting are not sitting for an IIT exam ! you definitely need to know these skills so that you learn to apply them and identify when to apply. Mr. Granville doesn't emphasis on math math math !....i would suggest you read his article for budding data scientist...there is lot of content available by him for beginners. 

@Preeti : Thanks a lot Preeti ! I have found is profile and am sure gonna be reading all the articles for the beginners .



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