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I've never heard about this branch of "data science" until today. It is compared with qualitative content analysis (involving the manual construction of taxonomies, see Patton 2002) in the context of social sciences, for text analysis.

How is this different from text mining or NLP? Is it an analytical technique developed by non-analytical professionals?

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I haven't heard it related to data science.

But it may mean text analysis like Coleman Liau, Flesch Kincaid, Dale-Chall, SMOG 

These were invented to assess readability of a given long written text considering average sentence length, paragraph length, use of polysyllabic words, simple/complex words, passive voice and other guidance an english professor might give.  Over time, though, they have been used to compare multiple texts for shared style.  Imagine a formula that assigns a probability of plagiarism in a new essay based on an individuals previous writing.

Again, thats a guess.  Never heard it called Quantitative Content Analysis or seen it applied outside the writing community.



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