Below is a Google job ad that I've found today in the Seattle Times, for machine learning positions in their Kirkland office in Washington state. What is weird about this ad is that it was posted in the jobs section in the print copy of a newspaper, and it asks you to snail mail your application to a PO box in San Francisco. The picture below features that job ad.

My first reaction was - wow, this must be a fake, someone posting a job ad to collect a certain type of resumes, maybe for ID theft, just like many do on Craigslist.  Who would read the newspaper job ad section (and I am talking about the print copy, not the Internet version), and then snail mail his resume to a PO box? Certainly not a tech guy, right?

So I did some search about the PO box in question, and it looks like it is really used by Google. The picture below speaks more than words.

To me, this is still a mystery. Keeshia Moultrie, listed in the above picture, seems to be a real Google recruiter, if you check her LinkedIn profile. Anyone can explain the logic in this recruiting tactic?

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Tough call. 

Might be a method to remove less than ideal candidates - someone who applies via newspaper will certainly be desperate - desperate in this area equates to an overall lack of skills(?). 

If they applied online before, they will be flagged as a poor option for the position (despite what the CV says).

However this would produce very few submissions, so I can't really see this as a good strategy... 

Isn't this about following a law where a company needs to keep an ad posted for a certain time (in a newspaper mandated by the court) for a position that cannot be filled up with natives (citing lack of talent) and thus hire immigrants and get them through their visa / green card process ?

I no longer have a resume: not on paper, not in Word, not online. Wondering if this is a new trend - people being found by what they post on the web, by their public profiles - or if it is just me.


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