VR (Virtual Reality) for Businesses: the Solution to Telecommuting Problems?

Have you ever attended or set up a meeting where all participants are located in various places, but meet in the same VR room?

I could see this technology helping employees work from home, yet physically (well, virtually) in the same room. One of the biggest barriers to telecommuting seems to be the lack of face-to-face interactions. Few businesses allow it, resulting in clogged highways, burn-out, employees showing up sick at work, waste of time and money (transportation, real estate, office equipment, sponsored lunches, parking space, utilities etc.) not to mention that telecommuting employees would not mind a 20% reduction in salary to enjoy this benefit. Working at the office is also expensive for employees, and usually requires having an extra car.  

With VR, maybe telecommuting could become a reality? At least, it seems better than Skype or video conferencing. You can also share and comment on a Powerpoint presentation while in a VR room. For data scientists, it sounds like a no-brainer. 

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