I'm signing up for thisData Analyst Nanodegree program. Sign up by June 8 and get 50% back when you graduate. Details are here.

I've not found anyone journaling their experience getting into data science so I've started a blog.

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There are quite a few journaling their experience, including myself in My Data Science Journey.

I've heard mixed reviews. Good luck. Would love to see how it develops for you


I'm interested to hear what you've heard.

Here are some thoughts. I'll elaborate at my new blog.

  1. You can take all of the classes for free if you don't have a desire for office hours or other help from the class staff. So, if you want to experience the content and do the problem sets you can find out first hand what the material is.
  2. I signed up for the paid program because it's half off if I graduate and stay continuously enrolled until I do and because I want to get graded on the projects. Also, I'm aiming to finish the program in 4 months. If I succeed then I will have paid $400 for 6 courses and having 6 of my projects evaluated. It's a good deal for me and I have the time to do the program at an accelerated pace.
  3. I am finding the material to be interesting and some of the problem sets are challenging. The grading software takes a little bit of getting used to but it works well.
  4. The course staff is helpful.
  5. The community is somewhat sleepy but maybe my cohorts are doing the program at a slower pace.
  6. I'm half-way through Course 1 (Intro to Data Science) IF the second half is the same amount of work as the first half. I need to finish it in another 10 days to stay on track.
  7. Will this course be enough to get me a job as a Data Analyst or junior data scientist? It's hard to tell. My aim is to get exposed to a number of the technologies used in the field and to do some interesting projects. I'll probably also someday do the Coursera Johns Hopkins course. That one is a MOOC and I'll probably do the free version since the only thing you get if you pay is a certificate and my personal feeling is that having a portfolio and being able to speak intelligently and with passion about what's in my portfolio will get me a job better than anything else.


What is their after-graduation placement rate?

That's a good question. If I can get someone from Udacity to do a podcast interview with me I will ask.


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