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I have some code, mostly Perl (though also some C) that I'd like to translate into Python. It's written in a very simple way (easy to read and understand), does not use any advanced nor low-level language features, and does not use any libraries. It's pretty much like if it was written in a meta-languagage with a syntax a bit similar to C, and consists mostly as a repository of simple but scalable, robust, efficient, short data science algorithms.

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Do you know any package that could automatically translate the Perl code into Python, with minimum debugging efforts? The code is written in such a simple way that he'd be very easy - but boring - for any Python developer to do the translation, thus the idea to use a language translation software instead.

Since I only use for and while loops, hash tables, arrays, reading and writing text files, strings extraction, concatenation and substitution, if then else, subroutines and system calls, I might just as well write a Perl script to translate my Perl scripts into Python scripts.


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