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Interesting O'Reilly article, although focused on the business implications, not the technical aspects. I really liked the infographic, as well as these statements:

  • Startups are considering beefing up funding earlier than they would have, to fight inevitable legal battles and face regulatory hurdles sooner.
  • Startups are making a global arbitrage (e.g., health care companies going to market in emerging markets, drone companies experimenting in the least regulated countries).
  • The “fly under the radar” strategy. Some startups are being very careful to stay on the safest side of the grey area, keep a low profile, and avoid the regulatory discussion as long as possible.

This is a long article with the following sections:

  • Reflections on the landscape
  • Achieving autonomy
  • The new (in)human touch
  • 50 shades of grey markets 
  • What’s your (business) problem?
  • The great verticalization
  • Your money is nice, but tell me more about your data

Note that we are ourselves working on data science 2.0. Some of our predictions can be found here. And for more on machine intelligence (not sure how it is different from machine learning), click on the following links:

To read the full article, click here. Below is the infographics from the original article.

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