The relational and the entity-relationship model made a huge impact in the IT world for nearly half a century. But during this long period of standardization it meant also one thing, everyone had to comply with the rules and requirements of the model. Everyone had to think in terms of Entity-Attribute-Value or Subject-Predicate-Object as it is known in the RDF semantic model. Programming languages have been affected to from this monolithic way of thinking. Although it proved to be advantageous to program with classes and objects, it created an artificial problem of how to map these onto persistent data structures on the disk, also known as the object-relational impedance mismatch problem. Knowledge representation frameworks did not escape from this too. Ontologies expressed in OWL followed the same paradigm with classes, attributes, and values. Serialization methods such as JSON (object-name-value) and XML (element-attribute-value) also came after the same rationale.

But there is an alternative way of thinking on modelling data

Token based,
fully symmetrical,
bidirectional linking,
single instance centric,
data-type agnostic.
namespace agnostic,
fully contextualized,

Hence AtomicDB, read more at this post

Can you think of a better alternative ?

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