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Hello All,

I have more than 4 years working experience in data management and analysis.I want to boost up my career as a data scientist. I had complete my postgraduation on Applied Statistics. I have used STATA for data cleaning and analysis.Now I want to do some course by which I could work as a data scientist. But not sure exactly what course will be suitable. Please give me some suggestion.Please note that I have basic knowledge about R language.

looking for your reply.

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I started with Coursera's Data Science Specialization offered by Johns Hopkins University.  Then to supplement learning R, and to force myself to remember how to use R, I used DataCamp which offers some free and some paid options.  There are some reviews of introductory data science courses and posted articles about those courses on Medium and Class Central (Reviews).  There are other non-traditonal ( non university) providers that claim a job is guaranteed given you meet certain guidelines, such as Springboard and Udacity.  If you want something delivered online with the option to obtain university credits then offers several options.  Bootcamps are available and may be an option if you have a strong background in programming and statistics.  Those are offered by Zipfian Academy and General Assembly which may or may not be available to you in your area.  There are several other bootcamps available -- all of which are way too expensive for me.  You've found Data Science Central that has a lot of good content, but also look at Analytics Vidhya ( which has a lot of "hackathons" and other learning opportunities.  This would be most helpful if you're located in India.

Step 1: Learn/Read/Practice
You decide decide  where you want to start among these and be open and honest with you.
  • Maths/Stats/Prob-  don't expect every thing but what is required to do and complete DS projects,
  • R/Python/SQL-Hadoop and its level-beginner-intermediate-expert,
  • ML/DL/AI-courses/learn/read and projects
  • Data Science projects-have you done some thing like made an attempt to do-may be incomplete-ok
  • Data-sets-which/where and like which domain and  your passion etc..
  • Resource you have and you need (like.., computer , books, courses(MOOC),blogs you follow and Data Scientists your networks etc..,
OK i have more questions if you ask more questions and you will get more in analytics ok
All the best  if i need to correct any thing in the above steps please add comments and it helps me.



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