Study material for Data Exploration, Data Pre-Processing and Feature Engineering.

I came across some process or steps like Data Exploration, Data Pre-Processing and Feature Engineering. I searched so much on google for some good material which can help me to understand that concept and its steps or working but I didn't get any relevant material. Kindly suggest me some relevant material for practising.

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these terms all are fancy names for looking at your unprocessed data in order to get an idea of the contents, identify key words (for example if I am looking for financial figures for 2016, I will look for the "feature"  '2016'.    If I find  some sequences '2016' then I  hope the data is worth processing in detail)

This process typically entails examination of "unstructured data" , and here is where Unix utilities like "grep"  are outstanding.  Java also have the tools for searching unstructured data.


Hello, I am also looking for data preprocessing. I found a very interesting book: Data Preprocessing in Data Mining of Salvador García and Julián Luengo and Francisco Herrera. This book is available on the web. I hope I've helped


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