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Apache Spark™ 2.x enhanced the ease of use, improved the performance, and led to smarter unification of APIs across Spark components. It continues to grow in popularity since its launch. For a developer, this shift to structured and unified APIs across Spark’s components greatly simplified working with Spark.
In this eBook, we offer a step-by-step guide to technical content and related assets that will lead you to learn Apache Spark. Whether you’re getting started with Spark or are an accomplished developer, these seven steps will let you explore all aspects of Apache Spark 2.x and its benefits. The steps include:
  1. Why Apache Spark
  2. Apache Spark Concepts, Key Terms and Keywords
  3. Advanced Apache Spark Internals and Core
  4. DataFrames, Datasets and Spark SQL Essentials
  5. Graph Processing with GraphFrames
  6. Continuous Applications with Structured Streaming
  7. Machine Learning for Humans
Download the eBook, 7 Steps for a Developer to Learn Apache® Spark™, to learn more.
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