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Hi All,

Pearson Correlation, Spearman Correlation, Normal distribution, Binomial distribution, Poisson distribution, one-sample tests of hypothesis, two-sample tests of hypothesis, ANOVA, nonparametric tests like Wilcoxon, Kruskal-Wallis, etc.

I am revamping my statistics knowledge and there is really a lot to process. I was wondering if you have come across any cheatsheets which summarize all use cases?

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Hello Ekaterina,

You'll find all that you need and more on DSC's Statistics Channel located here:

Here is the link with the search:

I hope you find this helpful and good luck.


Thank you, Tim! Much appreciated, although StatistiscsHowTo is a good Wiki but what I am looking is more systematized knowledge in the form, for example, a table with 'When to use' and 'When not to use', etc,, etc., ect.



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