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Hello everyone,

I am a psychology student about to write my bachelor thesis for which I need to test some questionnaires for split-half reliability (plus Cronbach's Alpha and retest relability).  In an article on the Statistics How To website I found an interesting passage describing some limitiations of split half testing.

One criterion is that there should be a "large set of questions".  The other criterion is that there should be only one construct and no subscales.

I hadn't heard about these restrictions before.  Researching these aspects, I couldn't find any literature I could cite this information from. Is this statistical "common sense" or is it taken from experience ?  Has anyone heard of these limitations before ?  Does anyone know some literature as a citation source ?

Thanks in advance


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More common knowledge than sense, perhaps a bit of both :)


Try that link. They state that SHT is "not appropriate for tests which measure different constructs" and they also mention the need for large questionnaires.

As far as literature goes, any psychometrics textbook should work. However, as the technique isn't popular any more, you might have to hunt down an older text.



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