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Doctoral Research: Reorganizing for Digital Future - Please Help with Survey

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Hi all, please help with the survey that is trying to capture the factors that lead to successful digital initiatives to build a theory for organizational transformation necessary for digital success. We would like to capture your individual perception on your company's progress in digital initiatives like Data Analytics, ERP, EMR, Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT, etc. from a technology/data, business/domain, and exec/leadership stand-points. Thanks in advance...

Please take the Survey and pass it on to anyone who you think can also contribute.



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Hi all, please take the survey and participate in the study to understand the organizational factors that drive digital success.

This research study is unique because it is informed by the lived experiences of practitioners who have worked in the digital efforts currently going on at most organizations. Last year, I did a qualitative study to understand what factors contribute to effective use of big data analytics to align with strategic goals. This quantitative study seeks to build on the model-based grounded theory which emerged from that qualitative study.


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