I was looking for the best data visualization book that I should have. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance

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While not a book, you can start with the following article: 10 visualizations every data scientist should know

I recommend The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte.

There are a number of options however it depends on how you approach this subject.

If its a design oriented question then 'Visual Display of Quantitative Information' by Tufte is a starter and probably a reference book for good practices. 

I personally also found ' Show me the numbers' by Stephen Few and ' The big book of Dashboards ' by Steve Wexler quite good books on the subject.

Hope this helps.

I would recommend Claus O. Wilke's "Fundamentals of Data Visualization" https://serialmentor.com/dataviz/ 
It comes with all of the R code to generate figures also https://github.com/clauswilke/dataviz
Another great read is David McCandless's "Information is Beautiful"  https://www.informationisbeautiful.net/books/  

I found this website full of info on how to visualize your data in smart way.

Data to Viz

I have heard really great things about Andy Kirk's book Data Visualization. 

find the link here: https://www.visualisingdata.com/book/ If anyone has any reviews on that particular title let me know!

Not a book but I found this data visualization video course to be very helpful


Theres a free tool to go along with the videos 


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