Hi my name is Elizabeth and I have a "little" problem to solve :-) 
I hope that you can provide me some directions or articles to read.
I work in a newspaper. I have a table that each row has information about an article of the newspaper.
For example, each row contains article title, article introduction, article section, article number of visits and article pageviews.
I want to define a ranking of words/topics by audiences KPI's. That means, I want, for example, the top 20 topics related with better article performance.
I started by looking at Topic modeling algorithms, and using those algorithms I can have the most frequent topics in articles by section. But I can lost a topic with less frequency that provides high visits when it is in the title. So I need to relate the term frequency with audiences.
Can you provide me some help or some information/references?

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Before I can answer, I have a question. Are there multiple "article sections" per article or just one "section" per article and by section you are referring to the article's main content? 


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