A complete 360 degrees view of a Supplier-Part-Catalog business model case visualized with a hypergraph. HYPERATOMS (green nodes) represent Attributes instances and HYPERBONDS (red nodes) represent Entities instances (tuples). In particular a Part with the description Acme Widget Washer is produced in either Silver or Red color and it is manufactured by two Suppliers that are located in USA and UK. There are two Catalog entries for the USA Supplier and one Catalog entry for the UK Suppliers with details about the quantity and the price. The Silver Acme Widget Washer is manufactured by both the USA and UK Suppliers. But the Red Acme Widget Washer is manufactured by the USA Supplier only.

In this last post of Associative Data Modelling Demystified series R3DM/S3DM framework is introduced to the public with a demonstration of a fully functional prototype that is built in OrientDB multi-model DBMS and coded with Wolfram Language.


  • Types are separated from instances
  • Semantics are defined and explained with three alternative paradigms (object-oriented, network graph and semiotics)
  • The framework is built with eight type systems that play the role of a formal upper level ontology that defines schemata and types for models, entities, attributes, items, values, data sources, links and database metadata.
  • >A set of four functional operations (Get, Add, Update, Delete), that match SQL (Select, Insert, Update, Delete) statements
  • An engine with a filtering mechanism implemented which is equivalent to SQL Where conditions
  • Result set can be returned in the form of a table, rule set, association set, dataset, or network graph


  • Unify existing popular data models (Relational, Topic Map, Property Graph, RDF, and Qlik Associative)
  • Avoid namespace, addressing and identification problems
  • R3DM/S3DM is a Reference Database Management Systems
  • Control the level of information detail that will be presented to the user
  • Prospect of defining a GGG network of information resources based on numerical vector addressing protocol

Our Mantra

Build powerful, meaningful, cohesive relationships easily with R3DM/S3DM

Tags: RDF, associative, data model, database, graph database

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