Updated on June 10, 2015, see our press release.

Our textbook is now published, new data sets and new tutorials added, and the data science cheat sheet is available in its final format.

Our program is for practitioners interested in real-life data science projects, to gain professional experience, knowledge and visibility in the data science community. 

So what does it mean for you and how to get started?

First, we remind you that this is still a program for self-learners, presenting original, core, modern, applied, useful pioneering data science material not found in traditional programs. It is basically free, besides the cost of purchasing our book. Student interested in formal training, in a well structured learning environment and/or face-to-face or frequent email interactions with professors, who need more support to learn, and/or who need an official diploma at the end, should check the university courses, programs and other training listed on DSC.

How to get started?

Read the steps required to complete the program (see below), and if you are still interested, proceed to step #1.

The program in 5 steps

  1. Obtain a copy of our data science 1.0 book (recommended but not mandatory - alternatively check out articles published by our data science research lab, and in our resource section), the book addendum, read our data science 2.0 book, and our data science cheat sheet.
  2. Select your data science project. We listed a number of potential data sets and projects to work on (as part of the apprenticeship) in a previous update. To check the list of currently available projects (to work on), click here
  3. Complete one of these real-life projects, email us your solution. You will then receive comments from us (possibly asking for a revision).
  4. Publish the following too items: (1) the solution to your project (including methodology, data and results), (2) how your project could be scaled (architecture details, distributed computing, faster algorithms, better crawling and potential problems/bottlenecks if working with big data; automation and maintenance). Publish these too items in one blog on Data Science Central, with subject line "My Data Science Apprenticeship Project".
  5. Great contributions will be featured (Dr. Vincent Granville review the submissions) and you can then expect to hear from hiring managers and other professionals interested in your talents. 

For additional resources, click here or here

That's it!

DSC Resources

Additional Reading

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i am in the field of predictive modelling and programming.I have completed my masters in marketing.I have about 40 months of work experience and i am interested in joining the apprenticeship program.

My Data science central profile:-http://www.datasciencecentral.com/profile/VishalShankarananda

My linkedin profile :-in.linkedin.com/pub/vishal-s/45/99a/92a/en


I am interested in signing up for the apprenticeship program. I completed my Bachelors degree from Anna University, India. Currently I am working on Big Data projects in Finance domain.Please find my linkedin profile by clicking on the below link.
With Regards
Bharath Kumar Dasa

Dear Professor Granville,


My name is Abhitab Saxena, I'm from India. I have a Master degree in Computer Application and Master degree in  Business Application. I have total 19 years of experience in computer science area. I worked as a programmer, System Analyst and SAP Consultant in past. Presently I am handling multiple projects together in the area of SAP, RFID Technology, GPS Technology, Sales Force Automation, CRM, Mobile Apps and Business Intelligence area.


I have experience in the area of programming (Old programming languages like C, COBOL, Pascal, FoxPro, PL/SQL etc.). I possess good understanding of business processes specifically in the area of Sales & Marketing. I have basic knowledge of Statistics as well.


I am very much interested in the area of Data Science and interest to join your training program.


My LinkedIn profile: https://in.linkedin.com/pub/abhitab-saxena/10/423/390

My Data Science Profile : http://www.datasciencecentral.com/profile/AbhitabSaxena

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Abhitab Saxena

This is real experience for people

Dear Prof. Granville,

I am really interested in joining the program. I just obtained my Msc from Brown University. Recently I found that I am passionate and interested in analyzing problems using data. Now I hope to find a position in data science. This program will be a significant one in my career. I hope I can have the opportunity to join the program. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,



I want to join this course. I'm a cs master student , I'm in the first steps of data science journey.

How to enroll in this course?

Thanks for this opportunity!

Nada G

Is this program already started? I took Data analytics MOOC, not much helpful? I would love join this program. 


Dear Granville,

I am interested in joining the Data Science Apprenticeship program. I have a Master in Science and am a doctoral student in Information Systems: Analytics & Decision Support at Dakota State University. I am an ITIL 2011 Foundation certified and currently working as an IT Systems Analyst.

I am really interested in joining this program.

Thanks and Regards,


Dear Prof. Granville,

I am highly interested to join your apprenticeship training. I hold master of science in Information Technology and currently in my final year M.Phil Computer Science. My research focus is detect anomaly in big data and security analytic. My goal is of Big Data analytic is to obtain intelligence with the development of machine learning models in real time whenever cyber criminals use complex methods and unknown methods to carry out fraudulent activities.

I lack the hands techniques and the knowledge needed hence making my work extremely difficult. I sincerely believe if i get the nod to be train in six months through your apprenticeship, i will gain the skills to make a break through in writing my thesis. I also trust that; my quest to become Big data Engineer and manager will be a dream come through.

Thank you

Your prospective student

Nana kwame Gyamfi



I'm really interested in joining the apprenticeship. I'm a full stack developer with over 10 years of experience, several of them working with Business Intelligence. Besides, I have a degree in Computer Science and a Master Degree in Advanced Computing for Science and Engineering.

Is the program still available? How can I apply for it?




Hi Dr. Granville,

I am interested. Please assess my profile and let me know.



Mostofa Sarkar

Hello Dr Granville,

My name is Julio Costa, and I'm interested in doing the apprenticeship. I currently work in BI, have accumulated some experience working in a DW for a big telco, and I'd like to take the next step in my professional career, by learning Data Science. I have a Computer Science degree and in my spare time I try to brush up on statistics/big data topics, by following tutorials and whatever materials I come across online.

Hoping to hear from you soon


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